Monitoring of foodstuffs for chemical contaminants

The Top 3 Advantages

Fast measurement - results available in seconds


A forensic laboratory for fast and straightforward mesruments - anywhere


Simple to use - no training in chemistry required

Protecting consumers with the latest in food testing technology

Food fraud is more common than most people think. Whether delibarately caused or accidentally, contaminated food poses a hightrisk to the health of consumers. However, you can defend yourself agains this threat.

Misa puts the latest food testing technology in your hands to help you detect and combat this scourge.

With this portable tool, you can instantly identify substances most commonly found in adulterated food.

Hazard detected? Misa can travel anywhere with you to quickly gather and share crucial data when tainted food is found.

The Misa Cal M app is a powerful mobile platform that provides critical information about potentially dangerous substances.

With Misa, you can take immediate action, helping you save lives.

Misa combines nanotechnology with Raman spectroscopy to generate a fingerprint spectrum.

The resulting Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) spectrum provides for unambiguous identification of food contaminants.

  • food analyzers

  • spectroscopes

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