When standard means superior: Fast, accurate and precise GPC/SEC calibration

The Top 3 Advantages

Calibration without the hassle of weighing - add solvent, wait and inject directly from the vial


Widest range of different chemistries: Dextran, Pullulan, PEG / PEO, PMMA, PS


Carefully selected molar mass range in color-coded 1.5, 4 or 10 mL vials

Ready-made kits for aqueous or organic solvents, customized kits

ReadyCal Kits comprise polymer cocktails pre-weighed into autosampler vials for convenient calibration of GPC/SEC/GFC columns. Each of the 3 different color-coded vials contains three to four high-quality individual standards of the same type with different, carefully selected molecular weights.

Different vial sizes are available. PEO/PEG, PS and PMMA ReadyCal Kits each contain 3 x 10 vials for at least 10 calibrations. Dextran and Pullulan ReadyCals contain 3 x 5 vials for at least 5 calibrations. Original ReadyCals are therefore the safest, fastest and most convenient approach to calibrate a GPC/SEC column.

Suitable for all common autosamplers, for manual injectors we recommend our 4mL vials. Also available as Customized ReadyCals.

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