The Vacuum-tight Thermo-Microbalance for Highest Demands

The Top 3 Advantages

Robust, vertical design prevents condensation


Active water cooling of the ceramic furnace up to 1100°C ensures up to 50% faster cooling times


0 to 2 g sample mass at a balance resolution of 0.1 µg

Advancements in Thermogravimetry – Taking Care of All Your Day-to-Day TGA Tasks

The design of the vacuum-tight TG 209 F1 Libra® ensures free and safe access to the sample, easy crucible exchange, and a constant and stable position for the sample carrier in the furnace. This results in homogeneous temperature distribution and high sample-to-sample reproducibility. The maximum temperature of the corrosion-resistant micro-furnace amounts to 1100°C (sample temperature). Its high heating rates of up to 200 K/min are suited for material identification by a fast QC check. A water-cooled jacket provides the microfurnace with fast cooling and therefore allows for high sample throughput. Balance resolution of 0.1 µg over the entire weighing range of 2g – No need to adjust the measuring range when large mass changes occur.

  • thermogravimetry

  • material identification

  • ash determination

  • plasticizer determination

  • thermobalances

  • microbalances

  • thermo-microbalances

  • moisture determination

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