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SONOPULS: Intensive homogenisation, suspension and emulsification for reproducible results

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Easy and flexible handling


Time-saving, powerful, precisely controllable, reproducible


Broad product portfolio with a wide range of accessories

Ultrasonic homogeniser with versatile accessories

Ultrasonic homogenisers transmit ultrasound with very high energy density into liquid media and homogenise, deagglomerate, emulsify, suspend, accelerate chemical reactions or disintegrate cells, bacteria, fungi or spores, among many others. Certain substances can be specifically comminuted, time-consuming procedures accelerated and the results of many reactions improved.

The three series of SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenizers in various sizes are Performance levels: mini20 (portable handheld device), HD 2000.2 Serie (Basic model), 4000 Serie (Additional features for special process chains). Accessories: Diverse probes (direct sonication) made of corrosion-resistant titanium alloy, Sonication vessels made of glass, Stand for variable fixation, Cup booster (indirect sonication) to avoid sample contamination and allow for simultaneous sonication of several samples, Sound proof box to reduce noise levels.

More information about the equipment and accessories can be found in the brochures or at

  • Suspend

  • emulsification

  • cell disruption

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