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Modular dosing systems with highest precision for different liquids and filling quantities

The Top 3 Advantages

Minimal dosing volumes down to 1 µl and 1 % CV for highest precision


Highly dynamic and energy-efficient valve control using an optimized electronic module


High-quality materials for the use of aggressive media

Maximum flexibility through individual combinations. Compact design for microtiter plates.

The dispense heads VTOE and VTOI perform with highest precision and allow flexible dispensing. The filling quantity can be individually adjusted via the supply pressure and the opening time of the valve.

In the integrated 8-channel version, the VTOE dispense head is optimally dimensioned for the 9 mm grid of a microtiter plate. The compact single-channel version can be mounted modularly on a rail, flexible to individual grids. VTOE enables parallel dispensing of different liquids with different fill volumes.

Simple side-by-side design! The VTOI dispense head ensures increased throughput: Due to the 9 mm grid and with just one valve for 8 outlets, VTOI is an optimized 8-channel dispense head for microtiter plates.

With only 12 valves, a 96-channel dispense head can be realized. The VTOE and VTOI dosing heads can be adapted to Festo's ready-to-install handling systems and can be easily supplemented kinematically for handling and transporting laboratory samples.

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