Automatic Titration with HI93x

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Multiple titration types: Acid-base, ORP, complexometric, argentometric, ISE, precipitation


Dynamic dosing, multiple equivalence point detection, customizable methods


HI845xx mini-titrators for spezific applications

Coulometric, Volumetric KF and Potentiometric Titration

In the HI931/HI932 potentiometric titration systems, a dosing pump with 40,000 steps offers unparalleled accuracy. With the unique Clip-Loc system burettes can be exchanged in seconds to avoid cross-contamination. The graphic display displays the titration curve in real-time. The volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator HI933 determines the water content from 100 ppm to 100%. With the very precise dosing pump the titrant can be added in steps of 0.125 µl. Lower water content from 1 ppm to 5% is determined by the HI934 coulometric titrator, which generates the titrant in-situ with a pulsed current. Both KF instruments are characterized by low drift rates and minimize water vapor entry with a sealed solution system. An automatic drift rate compensation also takes this effect into account. Mini titrators HI845xx for specific applications complete the portfolio of automatic titrators.

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