Photometers HI97xxx, HI833xx and HI801-iris

The Top 3 Advantages

HI801 spectrophotometer measures with a very precisely split-beam optical system at 340-900 nm


Photometer HI833xx measure up to 73 preprogrammed methods for 40 relevant water parameters


Waterproof portable photometer series HI97xxx measure application specific single parameters

Colorimeters and a spectral photometer for determination of water/wastewater quality parameters

The HI801 iris is an elegant, compact and intuitive spectrophotometer that measures all wavelengths in the spectral range between 340 and 900nm. The methods are customizable to the application and can be used for professional laboratories, in water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage analysis and many other areas. The HI833xx photometer series comprises nine models covering a wide range of different applications. The instruments are compact and versatile and can be used both portable and on the lab bench. The instruments offer the possibility to connect a pH electrode to take into account the possible effect of the pH on the measurement. The HI97xxx series portable, battery powered photometers combine reliability, accuracy and ease of use. The dedicated photometers are available for many different single parameters or for a selection of related parameters. The series includes 54 models.

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