Macromolecular chromatography data system for polymers, biopolymers, proteins and polysaccharides

The Top 3 Advantages

Modular software, specifically designed to handle all types of distributions in macromolecules


Enables compliance with FDA21CFR11 for all methods, based on (inter)national standards


Easy-to-use and user-friendly: flexible for R&D and automatable for QC

One software suite for all tasks in LC of large molecules, from data import to Client/Server

Control for LC modules of all major vendors and specialty GPC/SEC detectors:
WinGPC UniChrom’s wide-ranging compatibility lets you acquire data from any commercial system in the market, allowing you to capitalize on previous investments. WinGPC allows simultaneous control of multiple instruments and detectors based on RC.Net driver technology. The ChromPilot adds comprehensive and convenient system control for > 300 LC modules and GPC/SEC specialty detectors.

A future-proof solution eliminates the need to learn multiple programs: WinGPC combines GPC/SEC/GFC and all IPC methods with HPLC/CE/GC quantification. The modular software design fits changing needs by offering a complete path for expansion to hyphenated techniques such as light scattering, viscometry or mass spectrometry and/or to 2D separations.

Effective and efficient use of resources: WinGPC reliably performs all taks in the lab, saves time, and reduces operating costs. Whether you measure, evaluate, assess, validate or create reports - all instruments, methods and tasks are unified in one software environment.

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