Optimized GPC/SEC, HDC, IPC, 2D systems for the analysis of macromolecules

The Top 3 Advantages

Robust solutions, optimized even for the most difficult GPC/SEC solvents


Perfect integration into the existing laboratory infrastructure


New solutions for HDC and light scattering

Modular, flexible, robust, all detection options - the tailor-made solution

Macromolecular samples range from proteins to polyolefins, from very low to extremely high molar masses, from applications in the pharmaceutical QC to complex polymer analysis in R&D. Just as there are different sample types to be analyzed, there are different demands for the perfectly matching analytical instrument.

Optimized for the analysis of (bio)polymers and proteins, (Bio) SECcurity² is based on your needs and offers the right solution for your application and environment. (Bio)SECcurity² solutions have a small footprint to fit into any laboratory; modules can be added at any time by simple plug-and-play. (Bio) SECcurity² systems are available for analytical, µ- (UGPC) or preparative applications, a metal-free solution enables working under harsh conditions and at extreme pH values. Besides typical concentration detectors, a large selection of molar mass-sensitive detectors is available.

New in the portfolio of SECcurity² solutions:

  • PSS HDC system for hydrodynamic chromatography
  • PSS SECcurity² GPC/SEC research system with the new SLD2020 20-angle light scattering detector
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