Professional waterproof portable meters

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Application specific electrodes for food, beverage, environmental water and wastewater


Waterproof IP67, GLP, data logging, PC connectivity via USB


CalCheck™ autom. electrode check, autom. temperature compensation

pH, Conductivity, ORP, DO, ISE, Temperature

All devices of the professional HI981xx series are characterized by extreme robustness in combination with easy handling and the measuring quality of high-quality laboratory instruments. They offer precise and reliable measurements directly on site, in the field or in production. The HI9816x series is specially designed for pH measurement in food and beverage production. The pH value is one of the most important measurement parameters in food analysis. It influences many quality characteristics of food, including taste, fermentation, texture, appearance and shelf life.

The meter series consists of 8 HACCP compliant meters with specialized electrodes for measurement in cheese, yogurt, milk, beer, wine, etc. The HI9819x meter series comprises 10 multi-parameter instruments for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ISE, temperature, redox potential, etc., depending on the configuration and connected electrode. These instruments are specially built for outdoor measurements.

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