Laboratory meters HI5xxx, edge und HALO

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Availability of an unmatched portfolio of application-optimized electrodes


High measuring accuracy and automatic detection of the electrode condition with CalCheck™ and Sensor


Color graphic LCD with intuitive user interface, GLP, data recording, data transfer to PC

pH, conductivity, ORP, DO, ISE, temperature in laboratories

The HI5xxx series comprises state-of-the-art research-quality laboratory instruments, which can measure up to eight parameters (depending on the configuration). The instruments can be combined with an unmatched variety of application-specific electrodes. The large color display allows graphs to be displayed in real time. The edge® series comprises modern tablet meters that can be used stationary in a charging cradle or wall mount or mobile. The edgeblu is the first pH meter worldwide with a Bluetooth electrode.

The HALO electrode family facilitates professional pH measurement in laboratory quality via a wireless Bluetooth connection. The electrodes can either be paired with the edgeblu, or via the free Hanna Lab App with an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. There are 11 HALO electrodes for a number of special applications.

  • laboratory measurement devices

  • food analytical instruments

  • beverage analysis systems

  • PH gauges

  • redox meters

  • temperature measurement instruments

  • conductivity meters

  • dissolved oxygen measuring systems

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