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Autosampler AS2 - The flexible solution for liquid- and gas sampling

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Flexible/ Modular: customer specific configurtation with variable sampling vials


Sampling interval: dynamic sampling intervals, easily parameterised


Equipment: Autosampler master control can optionally control valve matrix

The standard of sampling - customized to your needs

The AS2 autosampler is a system that allows detailed customer-specific configuration. The system can thus be adapted to the task at hand and has a master control which can be used to control external valves.

The autosampler is suited for fluid and gas sampling, depending on the equipment selected. For fluid sampling, the system can be designed as a multi-channel system. As a single-channel system, fluid samples can also be taken under anaerobic conditions. After the purging process of the vial, gas samples are filled gas-tight in the membrane-covered vial with a double needle.

A large sampling table (440x430 mm) allows the arrangement of a large number of vials or plastic bottles. Up to 224 vials (20 ml) can be arranged for gas sampling. For fluid sampling, up to 132 vials (50 ml) can be arranged. The individual vessel volume can be adapted to the task.

The sampling times can be chosen dynamically and therefore be parameterised according to the characteristics of the process sampled.

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