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The Top 3 Advantages

High resolution accurate mass data for enhanced compound identification


MS/MS Capable for structural elucidation


Sensitive & Reliable

Discovering what’s in your sample, at what levels, helps you make the right conclusions

The Agilent 7250 GC/Q-TOF system delivers full-spectrum, high-resolution, accurate mass data for identifying and quantifying GC-amenable compounds. This GC/Q-TOF enables accurate mass screening and enhanced compound identification through MS/MS, low-energy electron ionization, and complimentary chemical ionization techniques.

Whether used in complex metabolomics studies, pesticide screening in challenging matrices, or compound identification in herbal extracts, Q-TOF GC/MS provides the ultimate in performance. Designed for real-world analysis and built for laboratory robustness, this accurate mass screening GC/MS delivers consistent confidence in results, allowing you to see the whole picture.

The 8890 GC delivers fast and accurate results with flexible configuration. Built-in intelligence enables remote connectivity. Smart, self-aware and able to troubleshoot and guide you step-by-step through maintenance, the future of GC analysis is here.

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