Connecting Analytics to Action – Use Instrument Utilization Data to Drive Lab Efficiencies

The Top 3 Advantages

Operational Efficiency


Better Analytical Results


Increased Productivity

Unlock the full potential of your lab with CrossLab Asset Monitoring

Are lab productivity and excellence goals for your lab?

What if your lab can reach for excellence by optimizing productivity and throughput while being ready to pivot when the demand from customers or management changes?

A well-functioning lab requires a balance of properly trained staff, fit-for-purpose technology, and the right equipment and supplies. We know that all labs are not the same; they have different requirements and different goals. You need a team of experts who understand these opportunities and challenges and can tailor a solution to meets the needs of your organization and drive results.

Consider the real-world benefits of increasing instrument uptime by 10%, advancing productivity by 35% and reducing costs by 25%. Even within today’s high-performing labs, these levels of benefits can be realized. Contact us !

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