Fully electric fusion fluxer for sample preparation for XRF and ICP analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Fully electric - no other media, such as cooling water, required


Robust, individually controlled ceramic heating elements for high reliability


Can be upgraded on site to up to three sample positions for higher throughput

Compact, modular design and homogeneous temperature distribution for best reproducibility

The Katanax Fluxer X-300 is operated via a color LCD touchscreen with a multilingual graphic interface and is already preprogrammed with various fusion methods (e.g. for oxides, minerals, peroxide and acid digestion, etc.), which can be used directly or adapted to the sample. This means that the user can start preparing the sample immediately.
The parameters for the multi-step heating process, the mixing time and mixing intensity (speed and deflection angle of the crucible) as well as for the pouring and cooling process (passive and active via fans) are specified, saved and run automatically. They can be called up and edited by the operator at any time. In this way, the majority of existing and routinely processed samples can already be served. The Katanax Fluxer X-300 is therefore a fusion fluxer for all conceivable applications. For new samples, we also offer a customer-related, free method development based on material samples sent in, including the creation of individual application report.

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