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Compressed gas cylinder cabinets for indoor and outdoor storage - perfectly customised to your requirements

Safe and approved storage of flammable or toxic gases in working areas

asecos, as the market leader for fireresistant safety storage cabinets, offers you a variety of products for the storage, provision and extraction of compressed gases and also for handling gas cylinders. With respect to the fire-resistant compressed gas cylinder cabinets (EN 14470-2), the 90 minute standard would have outdone the old cabinet models with less flame resistance within a few years and turned out into state-of-the-art. This is reason enough for asecos to once again work intensively on these models and improve them further in terms of customer ergonomics and handling as well as extend the range of models and the accessories available.

  • Robust construction and longevity
  • No unauthorised use
  • Easy alignment
  • Easy mounting of connecting pipes and gas fittings
  • Ventilation
  • Tested and certified according to the stricter GS principles

asecos’ main catalogue offers more than just a comprehensive selection of products to store and handle hazardous materials. More than 550 pages giving technical and background information on our products.

To provide all-round protection, our product portfolio today includes the following business divisions: indoor hazardous materials storage, extraction and filter systems, hazardous materials handling in outdoor areas, protection of non-smokers and maintenance and service solutions for all sector

  • laboratory safety

  • safety cabinets

  • hazardous goods cabinets

  • Gas cylinder cabinets

  • laboratory facilities

  • laboratory furnitures

asecos GmbH
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    asecos GmbH

    As the first company worldwide, asecos developed safety storage cabinets for the storage of hazardous materials and gas cylinders with a type-tested fire protection of 90 minutes and launched them into the market in 1994. A technical revolution for the manufacture of safety storage cabinets ... more