Floating ground for reliable EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) results

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Gamry system´s bandwidths up to 15 MHz guarantee a frequency resolution within the Nyquist criterion


Ripple and Noise < 2 µV rms enables sensitive measurements even without shielding


Adjustments of your cell´s time constant, cable compensation and flexible software

Your applications - battery, fuel cell, semiconductor, corrosion, sensor, etc.

For material testing or monitoring the state of health (SOH) of your batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells, state-of-the-art microelectronics in combination with decades of experience in the design of potentiostats provide a powerful yet cost-effective Gamry Interface System. Whether you want to cycle your small batteries or polarize large electrode surfaces - the Interface Systems are the right choise.

Like all other Gamry potentiostats, the Interface Systems are floating from earth ground so you can use them on a grounded working electrode or several working electrodes, e.g. for bipotentiostatic measurements in a common electrolyte, or you can even use them with other instruments, such as AFMs, QCMs and pH meters without the risk of ground loops. The multi-channel system of up to eight channels in the Interface Power Hub increases throughput. Every individual channel is removable with its own power supply.

  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

  • potentiostats

  • Measuring systems

  • fuel cell technologies

  • semiconductor manufacturing

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