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The new Waldner fume hood

The Top 3 Advantages

Maximum transparency in the laboratory


Optimal ergonomics at the workplace


Various Digital Networking

For optimal ergonomics, transparency and communication in the laboratory

While the laboratory technician at the fume hood was previously rather isolated, the new fume hood from Waldner now opens a whole new sense of space for him. Side walls and a glass back wall open eye contact with colleagues. The light construction allows daylight into the rooms.

This promotes the well-being and health of employees and encourages communication. The new generation fume hood is infinitely height adjustable. This allows every laboratory technician to work in the most natural and therefore most comfortable and healthy position. The test set-up can be permanently observed with a webcam integrated in the fume hood ceiling. The camera image can be transferred to PCs and mobile devices. In this way, laboratory staff can keep an eye on the test in the fume hood at all times and from anywhere. This saves walking distances and time and provides additional safety.

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WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen SE & Co. KG
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