The remote diagnostic interface for fume hoods

The Top 3 Advantages

Simple error diagnosis by your employees


Real-time help through remote maintenance


Cost savings through reduction of downtimes

At your side in real time. Fast. Secure. Personally close.

With the Fume Hood Master from Waldner - a remote diagnostic interface - perfect support is guaranteed in the event of a fault. The Fume Hood Master offers various communication technologies combined in one case, which enable simple and efficient remote diagnosis. It establishes a worldwide connection between the Waldner expert and the various control and monitoring units on fume hoods.

This means that the initial diagnosis can be carried out by the customer's own specialist personnel - guided by a Waldner expert. The Fume Hood Master is easy to use, as it can be operated without prior technical knowledge. Troubleshooting and, ultimately, repairs are quick and efficient because the Waldner expert will then bring the necessary parts and tools with him. The data transmission of the Fume Hood Master is absolutely secure, as the point-to-point connection guarantees direct and encrypted data transmission between the user and the Waldner expert.

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