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The flexible container solution in the fight against Covid-19

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Scalable test possibilities at any location

The mobile container laboratory from Waldner is a turnkey, self-contained system that only requires electricity, water and a place to set up. Even though the focus is currently on SARS-CoV-2 testing, the system is a fully functional microbiological (virological, bacteriological) and diagnostic laboratory in a very small area, for e.g. genetic identification and testing, molecular biological identification tests and many other diagnostic methods.

The laboratory is fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure and automated high-tech diagnostic tools. The solution is based on standard laboratory equipment, which achieves an optimal cost-benefit relationship, eliminates dependence on expensive manufacturer-specific consumables and reduces the need for expensive, proprietary consumables. reduced in the process. It is a quick to install, efficient and sustainable laboratory according to the WHO / CDC guidelines for the SARSCoV-2 test.

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WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen SE & Co. KG
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