Phase / structural analysis using x-ray diffraction (XRD)

The Top 3 Advantages

XRD for everyone


No compromise in data quality


Ready for automation

Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer – XRD made easy

The Aeris is Malvern Panalyticals easy-to-operate and user-friendly benchtop X-ray diffractometer. With Aeris X-ray diffraction (XRD) becomes as easy as making a cup of coffee. It is the most intuitive benchtop XRD instrument with the results of your measurements directly being displayed on the built-in touch screen.

Key Features

  • Intuitive operation
  • Built-in touch screen directly displaying measurement results
  • Virtually unlimited lifetime of the tube
  • Limited infrastructural needs (no chiller or gases needed)
  • Small footprint
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Best-in-class data quality
  • Exclusively prepared for automation
  • Available in 4 different editions tailored to your industry needs:
    Research, Cement, Metals, Minerals

With its intuitive operation, Aeris makes XRD so simple that it is accessible for everyone. Even inexperienced users can easily get started with any X-ray diffraction analysis. The Aeris is your companion for quick scans in the laboratory. It can easily be placed on a desk, does not need much space and only a single-phase power supply. The instrument incorporates proven technologies that have previously only been included in Malvern Panalyticals high-end systems. As a result, data quality and speed of analysis delivered by Aeris have so far only been realized on full-power systems.


The Aeris is your workhorse for rapid phase identification and Rietveld analysis of powder samples. The instrument also accommodates various types of sample holders including non-ambient stages and sample changers. Aeris can be delivered with a 2D Debye-Scherrer kit providing the possibility to perform basic 2D diffraction experiments. This kit is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of X-ray powder diffraction in a visual manner.

Besides the Aeris edition for research there are other dedicated editions available for cement, minerals and metals industry to offer a tailored package for their special applications.

Because of its unique capability to be integrated in an automation environment the Aeris is the ideal choice for unattended fully automatic quality control.

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