LAUDA shakers - powerful, durable, long-lasting. GFL Technology.

The Top 3 Advantages

Compact design - little space required on the laboratory bench or in the incubator


Reliable - high-quality branded components and longterm tried-and-tested technology


Variable - an extensive range of accessories allows vessels of all kinds to be attached

Versatile all-purpose tools for every laboratory with "GFL Technology"

The LAUDA Varioshake equipment line includes ten shakers in three sizes with five different shaking movements as well as three shaking incubators in three sizes with circular movement. The LAUDA Varioshake shakers are reliable partners in many laboratory applications. They are used for mixing a wide variety of liquids or powders, preventing sedimentation, or are used for oxygen enrichment and sample preparation.

LAUDA Varioshake shakers are particularly user-friendly, robust and durable, making them the ideal companions for daily laboratory work. Their stable, low-wear mechanics ensure particularly quiet operation and reliable continuous operation. The electronics control the smooth start-up. With space savings of up to 35 percent compared to the previous model, Varioshake shakers are adapted to the limited space available in laboratories. All models of LAUDA Varioshake shakers are presented in the new, modern LAUDA design.

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