Innovative Solution for UV/Vis Based DNA and Protein Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High Tech, tiny foodprint - 0.7 µl to 10 µl sample volume


Easy handling and excellent reproducibility


Universally applicable in nearly every spectrometer

Micro Volume Analysis in the modern Laboratory

The new micro volume measuring cell TrayCell 2.0 revolutionizes UV/Vis analysis of very small volumes (0.7 µl - 10 µl). Suitable for nearly all common spectrophotometers, the TrayCell 2.0 is the perfect match for DNA, RNA and protein measurements. The optics of the measuring cell can be cleaned quickly and easily for subsequent measurements while the TrayCell 2.0 remains in the cuvette holder. This has many handling advantages and also guarantees that the aperture in the measuring beam always stays in the same position and that no deviations to the reference measurement appear. With the new TrayCell 2.0, there is no longer any need to dilute the samples as you can change between four different path lengths (dilution factors) and “virtually” dilute the samples from a factor of 5 to 100 just by exchanging the cap.

  • DNA measurement

  • biotechnology

  • Pharmaceutics

  • RNA measurement

  • Life Sciences

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