Data Transfer Assured - Seamless Connected Laboratory Solutions

The Top 3 Advantages

Secure Data Transfer - Preventing Human Errors


Ease of use - plug and measure


Improved efficiency - less time needed for data transfer and documentation

Connect your lab to ensure data integrity

In the fast-paced world of routine lab testing, easy, secure and reliable transfer of data for method execution and documentation is essential. Digitalization and connectivity are the key phrases often used to describe the demand for smart, fast and seamless access to the required data. Our Supelco digital solutions can help make your daily analytical work safer, simpler and more efficient, to ensure the most accurate results.

The latest digital solutions from the Supelco portfolio can simplify your daily analytical workflow while maintaining the fidelity of your data: Smart Titration Chemicals, Smartphone App for Nitrate and pH Testing, Spectrophotometer Data Transfer & LIMS Integration, Sample Smarter with Supelco® SPME Fibers, Proficiency Testing (PT) Portal, and 2D Smart Labels.

  • photometry

  • round robin tests

  • proficiency testing

  • Proficiency Tests

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