High-Resolution Separation, Characterization and Fractionation of Proteins, Viruses, Polymers and Particles

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Nanomedicine & Nanoparticles: Liposomes, Exosomes, Viruses, Gene Vectors, Vaccines, Gold, Silver, TiO2, Latex, Graphene


Biopolymers & Macromolecules: Synthetic Polymers, Rubbers, Branched Macromolecules, Starch, Pectin, Gelatins


Environmental & Food: Water Soil Particles, Humic Colloids, Silica and Cosmetic Ingredients

Solutions Biopharma, Nanomedicine, Environmental, industrial and natural Macromolecules, Food-Agro and Cosmetics

The Postnova Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) Platform allows coverage of an extremely wide sample and application range. Samples species from 1 nm to 100 µm and 1 kDa to 100 GDa can be characterized. Eluents can be organic solvents or aqueous base liquids with high or low ionic strength and pH values. The platform allows establishing applications were polymers and particles have to be separated at the same time and over a large size range under most gentle conditions. The Postnova Platform is one of the most potent and flexible analytical tools for the fractionation of organic and inorganic nano- and microparticles, synthetic and biological polymers, proteins, viruses, antibodies, liposomes or exosomes in complex aqueous and organic matrices. The platform utilizes several different FFF separation and Light Scattering detection methodologies and therefore allows multidimensional applications and characterization of a multitude of sample types. Applications can be done over a large range of particle sizes and interfacing with additional detectors makes it amenable to numerous applications, including measurements of size, shape, zeta potential, elemental composition, and aggregation.

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