Milli-Q® IX Pure Water System

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Consistent and reliable Type 2 pure water quality


Water and energy savings and reduced waste


Easy to use with ergonomic dispensing, a touchscreen display, and integrated data management

A Redesigned Benchtop Pure Water System: Greater Reliability, Reproducibility & Sustainability

Merck has redesigned its benchtop pure water solution, launching the new Milli-Q IX Type 2 water purification system.

The system provides labs with a reliable, consistent source of high-quality pure water that meets the requirements of both critical applications (e.g. microbiology culture media) and general uses (e.g. preparing buffers, rinsing glassware). Water from the system can also feed equipment and instruments, making it an ideal and versatile solution for most labs.

Users of the Milli-Q IX pure water system can have full confidence that water is not a variable in their analyses. Powerful purification technologies, an intelligent pure water storage tank, and convenient quality monitoring at the point of dispense support scientists in achieving reliable and reproducible results. In addition, integrated data management automatically secures data and provides rapid data access and full traceability for audits.

The Milli-Q IX system is a smaller and more intuitive device compared with previous generation systems. A touchscreen display allows simple operation, the E-POD dispenser.

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