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Real time monitoring and control of liquid processes

The Top 3 Advantages

Real-time measurement in less than a second, independent of turbidity, colour, absorption, viscosity


Process temperatures up to 150°C and ATEX certification


Nearly unlimited mounting flexibility due to compact design and various adaptors

Perform your refractometry measurement directly in your process

Inline Process Refractometers (iPR) from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH are being used successfully in a wide range of process monitoring applications for more than 35 years. Our iPRs continuously measure the refractive index and instantly determine the concentration of dissolved solids in solution and/or the mixing proportion of binary or quasi-binary liquid mixtures. The measurement is independent of turbidity, colour and absorption as well as viscosity, which ensures maximum precision and better process control. Process refractometers can be installed in pipelines, mixing tanks, reaction boilers, storage vessels, cooking appliances or evaporators using various flange connections. Over a period of 35 years of experience and optimization, we have designed technical solutions for various demanding applications and challenging process conditions. S+H iPRs perform with unmatched reliability, resolution and precision by using only highest quality components and manufacturing standards.

  • process refractometers

  • refractometers

  • active ingredient production

  • sugars

  • cooling lubricants

  • Filling of beverages

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