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Precise Determination of Substance Specific Parameters in Industrial Processes

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Industrial grade, highly available and precise measurement instrumentation


Standardized sensor systems for various applications


System concepts compliant to industry-specific regulatory guidelines

Optical Measurement Systems and Components for UV/VIS-, NIR-, and Raman-Spectroscopy

Process analytical technologies are used in manufacturing and processing industries for automated physical-chemical analyses of raw materials, intermediate and final products.

The objective and the motivation for continuous monitoring of measurement data is to ensure product quality, optimize production processes and comply with relevant regulatory guidelines. 

Optical spectroscopy in particular offers established and well-proven methods for fast and non-contact ingredient analyses, color, or coating thickness measurements. 

The metrological functionalities of our systems and components are based on established analytical methods like UV/VIS, NIR or Raman spectroscopy. Moreover, we provide process-enabled LIBS systems for elemental analysis. 

All our variants are available as microcontroller-based systems with full low-level implemented chemometric data analysis and processing routines.

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