Postnova FFF-MALS Platform for Advanced Nano, Polymer and Protein Characterization

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

FFF-MALS Platform for high resolution separations of liquid based nanoparticles and biopolymers


FFF Software for precise run simulations, efficient method development and sample run optimization


Innovative FFF channel for faster and flexible Nano to Prep scale separation and Raman detection

Field-Flow Fractionation, Size Exclusion Chromatography, Multi-Angle & Dynamic Light Scattering

The Postnova FFF-MALS Platform integrates several powerful separation and detection technologies to allow advanced and multi-dimensional characterization of nano and macromolecular sample species. The main separation is based on the principle of Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF). With an application range of 1 nm to 100 µm and 1 kDa up to 100 GDa, FFF is one of the most potent and flexible analytical tools for the fractionation of organic and inorganic nano- and microparticles, synthetic and biological polymers, proteins, viruses, AAVs, nanodrugs, antibodies, liposomes or exosomes in complex aqueous and organic matrices. FFF’s ability to separate a large range of particle sizes and interface to a wide range of detectors makes it amenable to numerous applications, including measurements of size, shape, zeta potential, elemental composition, and aggregation. Postnova provides a unique platform comprising Asymmetrical Flow FFF, Electrical Asymmetrical Flow FFF, Centrifugal FFF, Thermal FFF and Gravitational SPLITT along with sophisticated MALS, DLS, Viscometry, Raman and ICP-MS detection.

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