Columns and reference materials for GPC/SEC/GFC, IPC and 2D of (bio)polymers and proteins

With application guidelines and many tips for successful size separation

More than just a catalog - an analytical laboratory companion for all users who want to successfully develop or validate LC methods.

This brochure comprehensively lists the wide range of PSS reference materials, the PSS validation kits and the PSS high-performance separation columns. Practical tips on the solubility of reference materials, recommendations for suitable mobile and stationary phases for a wide variety of applications and practical tips for successful size exclusion round off the content.

Reference materials, validation kits and columns are divided into products for aqueous eluents and organic eluents. The category "Columns for Life Science" introduces the new PSS MAB phase for the separation of monoclonal antibodies. These columns are specially optimized for detection with light scattering (e.g. MALLS / MALS).

The catalog also offers links and QR to the PSS Shop or to learn more about the latest results in the evaluation of more environmentally friendly solvent alternatives to typical organic mobile phases.

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