Weigh Smallest Amount of Samples Directly in Heavy Containers. Increase Throughput and Improve Your ROI.

The Top 3 Advantages

Maximum Load - Minimum Resolution: weigh smallest samples in heavier containers


Faster ROI thanks to lower minimum weight - reduced usage of rare or expensive substances


External Influences Under Control thanks to antistatic solutions and special weighing pan

Bridging the gap between analytical and micro-analytical weighing

Successful analyses begin with accurate weighing. Outstanding weighing performance of METTLER TOLEDO Excellence XPR balances is supported by intelligent quality assurance features, innovative antistatic solutions and patented weighing pan that minimizes influence of air movements on weighing results. XPR balances support the highest requirements for security, efficiency and compliance.

The XPR106DUH is a perfect answer if you need to weigh-in smallest amounts of your rare or expensive samples into heavier containers, without compromising on the weighing accuracy. Positioned to inhabit the space between analytical and micro-analytical weighing, this versatile balance offers a maximum capacity of 120 grams (41 grams in fine range) and a readability of 5 micrograms (2 micrograms in fine range).

With the XPR106DUH you speed up your ROI, as you get faster weighing results, increase throughput and reduce waste.

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