The Highest Standard of Solvent Safety

Integrated Solvent Management Systems Tailor-Made for Your Application

As a world leader in lab reagents, our demanding quality standards apply not only to our chemicals, but also to their packaging and handling systems. Solvents are a perfect example. We invest heavily in solvent management technology, and work closely with customers to develop innovative solutions for maximum user safety and analytical reliability. Our extensive choice of withdrawal systems and containers is unrivaled in the industry, so you always have the right solvent grade in the right container, and with the right withdrawal system for your application. Find your tailor-made solvent management solution in our new brochure.

“Safety Connects” Brochure

  • Overview of systems and safety tools for solvents used in instrumental analysis; preparation & purification; classical analysis & synthesis
  • Pack size recommendations and return system
  • Safety & protective features of packaging
  • Packaging properties, withdrawal systems, safety accessories & (customized) installation options for bottles; drums; barrels; high-volume containers
  • Technical tables: withdrawal system suitability; connection for barrels & drums; tubing; bottle connections
  • Expert service & support
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