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Sedimat 4-12 - Laboratory apparatus to determine the particle size distribution in mineral soils

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Exact realisation of the prescribed measurement conditions with high repeat accuracy


Complete analysis for 12 samples in 4 fractions per day possible


Reduction in workload through automation

Automated sedimentation analysis with the Sedimat 4-12 for precise and reproducible results

The scientific basis for the Sedimat 4-12 is the KÖHN analysis according to DIN ISO 11277. Using a homogenized soil sample separated from carbonates and organic matter, the sinking speed of the soil particles is determined from coarse silt (PDO), medium silt (mU), fine silt (fU) and clay (T) examined.
Att.: grain triangle for illustration

Unique selling points: automation of the measurement process, significant reduction in workload, increase in accuracy, exclusion of subjective measurement errors, minimizing temperature fluctuations

Complete KÖHN analysis with automated test sequence in 3 work steps:
Tempering: water bath heated to 25°C
Homogenize: The soil samples are stirred up using a propeller stirrer. Cleaning follows when changing samples in the rinsing bath
Pipetting: The suspension is removed using a piston-operated pipette. After the suction, the pipette and sensor move to a cleaning station.

The contents of the pipette are then emptied into a weighing glass at a defined position in the sample magazine. Separate rinsing of the inside and outside of the pipette

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