Crystalline: Optimize your crystallization process

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

real time particle imaging


real time Raman spectroscopy


access crystallization and formulation information at mL scale

Seeing is believing

The Crystalline with through the vial analytical capabilities like turbidity, particle visualization or Raman is easy to set up and operate.

The ergonomic design and effortless operation removes all the barriers to using technology which was previously only accessible to experts.

The intuitive control and analysis software gives every user access to valuable information with small amounts of material.

No insert probes into reaction vessel and no cross contamination.

With four or eight high quality digital visualization probes, seeing what is happening in the vial has never been easier.

- Visualization of the complete crystallization or formulation processes

- Real time particle size and shape information at the smallest scale

With the Crystalline RR, it is easy to follow crystallization processes and to study polymorph conversions, hydration or the formation of solvates in slurries.

Chemical interactions, co-crystal and salt formation can be studied effortlessly during the process.

  • probes

  • parallel crystallizers

  • polymorph growth

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