Cyrene™ Bio-Renewable Dipolar Aprotic Solvent

The Top 3 Advantages

Better for nature: 99% biodegradation in 28 days


Better for users: No mutagenic or genotoxic risks


Better performance: Optimum polarity & high viscosity

Looking to Replace REACH-Restricted NMP? Go Green!

Due to their health hazards, NMP and DMF are now included in the REACH restriction list. If you had regularly used these solvents, you’ll be glad to know we offer a perfect alternative: Cyrene™. Our “green” dipolar aprotic bicyclic chiral solvent is harmless for users, safer for the environment, and performs as well as or better than conventional solvents.

Made from wood byproducts, Cyrene™ is almost completely renewable and biodegradable, leaving virtually no carbon footprint. However, under normal lab conditions, it remains perfectly stable, and demonstrates great suitability for numerous chemical reactions and production applications.

E.g. Used as an alternative to DMF in synthesis of metal-organic frameworks and exceeds NMP’s dispersive ability for graphene solutions by an order of magnitude.

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