Specialty carbon adsorbents for challenging separations

Novel polymer-based carbons with superior performance for purification of gas and liquid stream

Our Carboxen specialty carbon adsorbents are highly engineered materials, manufactured from highly pure synthetic polymers. These products are then activated by physical means, avoiding the use of chemicals to activate. This differentiates them from common non-specific, low-tech carbon black and activated carbon adsorbents.

Our Carboxen specialty carbon adsorbents are ideally suited for industrial manufacturing processes such as separations of volatile compounds in gas streams, for purifications of air and permanent gases, and separations of dissolved molecules in liquid streams. Carboxen specialty polymer-based carbons do outperform granular activated carbon due to their tunable surface chemistries, as well as the ability to control particle size and tailor pore size distribution and make them superior for many challenging separation problems.

Not sure which Carboxen is the right one for your separation problem? Ask for our carbon adsorbent sampler kit.

  • synthesis

  • purification

  • air purification

  • adsorption and desorption of targeted analytes in water/air/soil/serum

  • recovery of synthesized compounds from reaction mixtures

  • gas purification

  • Freon/CFC capture

  • solvent purification

  • hydrocarbon vapor recovery

  • organic synthesis

  • performance materials

  • charcoal

  • carbon

  • adsorbents

  • metals

  • desorption

  • chemical reactions

  • adsorption

  • specialty carbon

  • molecular sieve

  • activated charcoal

  • catalyst support in chemical reactions

  • recovery of dissolved metals during manufacturing

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