Fully customizable solution for simultaneous multi-parameter analysis

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Long experience in laboratory equipment - reliable measurement technology & automation from one hand


Modular design - flexibly expandable at any time to meet future requirements


Optimization of work processes - increase of productivity, reproducibility and precision

Modular concept for customer-specific workflows for preparing and measuring samples

In the HTX platform, laboratory processes for sample preparation and determination of various measured values can be coordinated and fully automated.

The automation platform offers the possibility of integrating up to twelve modules with various measuring devices, sample preparation steps or trays. Trays offer space for storing a wide variety of sample vessels, measuring accessories, pipettes or disposable materials.

Preparation steps such as capping/decapping, weighing, dosing, mixing and temperature control of samples can be configured individually.
Measuring devices such as viscometers, rheometers, density measuring devices or particle analyzers enable the determination of several parameters at the same time. Moreover, devices from third-party suppliers such as titrators or pH meters can also be integrated.

Sample preparation and analytical instruments are operated independently of one another, which minimizes downtimes in case of maintenance.

Intuitive control software for sample and workflow management allows modifications to the measurement process and cleaning routines.

Complete traceability of the samples is ensured by barcodes.

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