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GC Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Acquisition of the complete mass range (10 -1500) at full sensitivity and up to 500 spectra / s


Outstanding deconvolution through high-quality mass spectra and exceptional separation performance through GCxGC


StayClean®- Ion source and robust quantification (linear dynamic range of 105)

Increased performance for routine and research analysis

LECO's latest innovation in GC-MS is the LECO Pegasus BT - enabling qualitative and quantitative analysis of known and unknown substances in one run.

The Pegasus BT benchtop instrument combines a new, compact time-of-flight mass spectrometer with the powerful ChromaTOF software and the Agilent 8890 GC. This results in an extremely powerful, reliable and robust system with high sensitivity. The user-friendly, fully integrated software enables efficient recording, identification and quantitative evaluation of the data as well as simple generation of the analysis reports.

This makes the instrument ideal for routine analysis (e.g. monitoring of parameters in environmental analysis, residue analysis in food, metabolomic analysis, flavours and fragrances as well as many other applications) and simplifies quantification. Due to better sensitivity, additional substances can be identified in the samples.

The Pegasus BT's robustness enables greater sample throughput, provides more comprehensive chemical information of the sample and has minimised maintenance requirements. The productivity of the laboratory is significantly increased compared to conventional quadrupole instruments and the performance spectrum is extended.


Continuous, complete, high quality mass spectra. Time-of-flight mass spectrometers allow a complete recording of the mass spectrum over the entire mass range without time restrictions or loss of sensitivity. This makes the GC-TOF an ideal tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition, the stored, complete information of the mass spectrometer can be retrieved later for further evaluations. This can create considerable added value for the user and the customer.

NonTarget Deconvolution NTD

LECO's proprietary algorithms provide excellent deconvolution of co-eluting peaks and matrix interference and minimise ambiguous analysis results.

Increased sensitivity

Fg detection limits and a linear, dynamic measuring range over 5 orders of magnitude. This leads to reliable identification and quantification in every run. Best sensitivity even without SIM or MS/MS mode. The need for clarification of analytical results is reduced by recording the entire mass spectrum.

StayClean Ion Source

The open design of the ion source minimises cleaning and maintenance work and thus system downtimes. The robustness has been confirmed in long-term tests.

Smart Design

Compact hardware in a user-friendly tabletop design saves valuable laboratory space. The two built-in filaments can be easily exchanged by the user if required.


Supports LECO L-PAL3 liquid/HS/SPME sample introduction systems Automatic tool changer. Further autosamplers, automation options as well as other functionalities (e.g. thermodesorption / pyrolysis) of many manufacturers can be connected to the system.

ChromaTOF Control and evaluation software

Version 5.0 of the approved LECO ChromaTOF mass spectrometry software allows fully integrated control of the entire system including data acquisition, data evaluation and report generation.


The Pegasus BT is also available as a GCxGC system. Here, a thermal modulator (Quadjet) or a flow modulator (FLUX) can be used. This allows the chromatographic separation performance of the system to be significantly increased. The fast TOF mass spectrometer is ideally suited for recording the resulting narrow peaks.

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