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The Reproducible Method for Solid Phase Extraction

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Enhanced reproducibility of analyte recovery


Maximum recovery of analytes


Increased sensitivity

Enhance the reproducibility of analyte extraction and recovery from biological and chemical samples.

Microlute CP takes SPE to a new level of performance by enhancing the reproducibility of analyte extraction and recovery from biological, environmental and chemical samples. Unlike traditional loose-filled SPE methods, Microlute CP uses a hybrid structure, a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores combined with the retentive media. This design enhances the flow-through of samples to maximise interactions between analytes and the solid phase to deliver a reproducible SPE method that excels in performance, cleanliness and sensitivity.

Sample to sample, day to day, month to month, a reproducible method will provide enhanced confidence in results and lower the need for duplication. Microlute CP has technology has a leading design that reduces the variability seen in standard SPE product ranges and guarantees the highest level of sample reproducibility available.

  • microplate

  • extraction plate

  • sample cleanup

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