Safe cultivation of microorganisms and cells with modern plant technology

The Top 3 Advantages

Aseptic technology


Fully automated control systems


Optimal conditions for cultivation

Fermenters and bioreactors for biotechnological processes

For the highly sensitive fermentation processes Ruland builds bioreactors that control manufacturing processes in an optimum way. To accurately map the biological process, Ruland uses gmp-compliant aseptic technology in fully automated fermentation systems. Like all Ruland plant modules, the bioreactors and fermenters are designed to fit product and customer requirements precisely. They have a hygienic design, are CIP or SIP capable and are suitable for batch, fed-batch and continuous processes.

For anaerobic and aerobic processes, for sterile media addition or for in situ media sterilization, Ruland supplies fermenters on a laboratory scale, as pilot plants or as large-scale industrial production fermenters. With comprehensive know-how in plant engineering, Ruland supports scale up projects for all plants where production, process and product are first tested in small quantities.

  • enzyme production

  • pharmaceutical production

  • fermentation of food

  • fermentation of cells

  • fermentation of microorganisms

  • fermentation of yeast

  • bacteria production

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