Vessels for Cryo Storage of Sample Material

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Temperature stable from -200° to +260°C


No sample contamination caused by vessel


No adhesion of sample material to vessel

Laboratory vessels made of PFA ensure integrity and safety of samples at low temperatures

The preservation of valuable samples by cryo storage is becoming more and more standard in science and research as well as in medicine. In these areas, biological sample material is frozen at sometimes very low temperatures in order to maintain the vitality of whole cells or functional cell structures over a longer period of time. Sample vials made of the fluoropolymer PFA are particularly well suited for the storage and transport of sensitive samples. PFA is an inert, ultra-pure, high-end polymer that is stable at temperatures as low as -200°C. These properties ensure the integrity and safety of valuable samples, which has led to a widespread use of these vessels in many laboratories.

The sample vessels are offered in different volumes. The well considered vessel design has a rounded inner bottom, allowing the contents to be completely withdrawn again. As standard, the vessels can be closed with a screw cap. In addition, a closure tool is available that can be used to close the vials even tighter, making unintentional or unauthorized opening very difficult.

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