Ocean HDX Raman Spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Great value and accessibility - High-performance 785 nm Raman for affordable measurements


Compact footprint - Small size and light weight. Ideal for use in the lab or integration


Raman shift from 150 cm-1 to 3400 cm-1

Compact, Affordable Spectrometer for 785 nm Raman Excitation

The Ocean HDX Raman spectrometer is a compact, high-performance spectrometer for 785 nm Raman excitation applications. This small-footprint instrument unlocks Raman signature data from 150 cm-1 to 3400 cm-1, is available with a 25 µm or 50 µm entrance slit, and can be combined with a laser, probe and sample holder to measure solids, powders and liquids. Applications range from authentication of spirits and analysis of cannabinoids, to identification of polymers and characterization of pharmaceutical ingredients.

Less expensive than traditional scientific-grade Raman instruments yet sacrificing very little in performance, Ocean HDX Raman is within reach to a wider range of users, including university teaching and research labs, budget-limited start-ups, and anyone that appreciates great value. In addition, Ocean HDX Raman is attractive for integration into other products, offering the advantages of small size and light weight, plus thermal stability, and Ethernet connectivity.

  • Authentication of Spirits

  • Analysis of Cannabinoids

  • Identification of Polymers

  • Characterization of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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