A universal platform for liquid chromatography

The Top 3 Advantages

Faster, more reproducible, and accurate data integration with challenging molecules


Shorter time from sample to result, without conditioning


Improved compliance from higher quality data

Sharper peaks for metal-sensitive compounds. Accurate, reliable, and reproducible data.

Today's scientists and laboratory managers need to be confident that they are getting the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible data possible. They need flexible, compatible technology at all performance levels to enable method development, facilitate method transfer, and streamline routine use.

In this context, non-specific adsorption of metal-sensitive compounds is an unpredictable challenge, resulting in chromatographies with large relative standard deviations (RSDs) and broad, overlapping peaks that can be challenging to integrate quickly and achieve consistent accuracy.

The solution to this is the Arc Premier system. It delivers correct, robust results from the first injection, reliably and easily. It features the new, innovative MaxPeak High-Performance Surfaces (HPS) technology, which effectively reduces non-specific adsorption due to metal interactions, without complicated mobile phases or laborious methods.

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