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CS Catalogue 2020-d Separation Columns for GC and HPLC Made in Germany

CS-Chromatographie Service: An Experienced and Reliable Partner for the Success of Your Analyses

Since more than 35 years, CS-Chromatographie Service GmbH produces and offers separation columns and other supplies for gas and liquid chromatography.

Gas Chromatography: fused silica capillary separation columns, packed GC columns, derivatization agents

HPLC: innovative Multo phases including various special phases, e.g. for PAH analysis (Multospher PAH-III), cations (Multospher Kation) or carbohydrates (Multospher APS) and organic acids (Carbohydrate and Organic Acid Resin phases).

Services for the analytical laboratory: exclusive offers such as liner regeneration, surface treatments of glass (silanization – siliconization – HCl treatment), cleaning of PU foam filters for gas sampling.

Sample vials with volumes ranging from 0.1 to 100 mL, screw tops from 8 to 24 mm and crimp tops from 8 to 32 mm with many images and explanations. Appropriate caps, crimping tools and racks.

Extensive range of supplies for analytical laboratories.

We will gladly assist you with any chromatographic problems... ...because service is our power!

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