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CS Catalogue 2022/23 Separation Columns for GC and HPLC Made in Germany

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Your partner in chromatography since more than 37 years: In our current catalogue 2022/23, we present our full range of columns, supplies and accessories as well as services to the chromatography user specifically and to the analyst in general on 132 pages. The focus of our product range is on our own separation columns for HPLC, GC (capillary and packed columns) and CE, the extensive selection of vials and caps, products for gas sampling (Florisil tubes and PU foam filters), as well as our service sector. We exclusively offer liner regeneration, cleaning of PU foam filters, and surface treatment of glass. Besides three different silanization procedures, we also offer siliconization and acidic HCl treatment. The five main sections of the catalogue, Services (purple), GC (orange), Accessories (green), Vials and Caps (red), and HPLC (blue), are well-structured by colored markings and thereby help with finding the right product. In our retail section, for the first time we abstain from including prices; all current prices can be found on our web shop.

  • chiral columns

  • consumables

  • fittings

  • microliter syringes

  • services

  • solvents

  • applications for GC and HPLC

  • columns for chromatography

  • consumables for chromatography

  • services for the analytical laboratory

  • surface treatment of glass

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