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New NIR transmission probe for reliable liquid analysis under adverse process conditions

The Top 3 Advantages

Excellent process knowledge and process control


Avoidance of faulty batches and plant-related incidents


Cost reduction and increased efficiencies

Custom installation - even in EX zones - flexible choice of materials, sizes and flanges

The MicroNIR PAT-L is a customized transmission probe for in-process liquid analysis. Since every process is different, the user gets a solution tailored exactly to his needs. Diverse optical path lengths enable optimal signal yield for best NIR spectra and most accurate predictions. The Hastelloy probe withstands harsh chemistry, as well as extreme pressure-temperature conditions.

Easy mounting via EN or ASME flanges. Up to 900 mm immersion depth allows installation on thick-walled reactors. The maintenance-free probe operates without fiber optics and without moving parts inside. This allows use even under harsh conditions. The included software has model generation for qualitative (PCA) and quantitative (PLS) analysis right on board. This saves costs and allows rapid implementation in the process. Smart integration into the customer's DCS is easy via USB, Ethernet or OPC-UA; but adaptations to 4 - 20 mA, ModBus, etc. are also possible. GMP-compliant installation is supported.

  • probes

  • analysis of free fatty acids

  • content analysis

  • endpoint analysis

  • incoming control

  • monitoring of polymorphism/crystallization

  • polymer/resin analysis (e.g. OH number)

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analyticon instruments gmbh
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    analyticon instruments gmbh

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