Compact, clean and high performance TOC analysis

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Tool-free maintenance, typical maintenance cycle one year


Large colour touch panel on a small and lightweight casing


On-site calibration and validation utilizing vial sampler with certified standard solutions

State of the art technology which enables reliable and cost-efficient monitoring of pure water

The excimer lamp emits high-energy 172 nm wavelength light by inducing a dielectric barrier discharge within a xenon gas. eTOC is the first TOC analyzer in the world to use a mercury-free excimer lamp. eTOC also features the new “Active-Path” technology for transferring energy from the lamp to the sample. It efficiently irradiates the sample inside the lamp with ultraviolet light to reliably oxidize organic matter. This new Shimadzu technology achieves high measurement performance and while being environmentally friendly. eTOC’s highly sensitive UV oxidation-conductivity method for ultra-pure water monitoring, is compliant with regional pharmacopoeia requirements, such as the USP and EP. Inbuilt security functions support FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Safely store, manage and electronically sign data using Shimadzu LabSolutions database.

Trade-fair appearance
  • analytica ( Hall A1, Booth 502)

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