Motor-driven metering pumps with multi-layer safety diaphragm

The new Sigma X family – reliable, smart and with scope for networking

The Sigma X are reliable motor-driven metering pumps with integrated control and multi-layer safety diaphragm. The numerous interfaces enable digital fluid management, and do so with simple operation.
The Sigma family can be used flexibly in a number of applications as a robust diaphragm metering pump. The Sigma X diaphragm metering pump covers the capacity range from 21 to 1,040 l/h in the S1Cb, S2Cb and S3Cb variants.

New: Standard operating concept
One highlight is the standard operating concept with click wheel and 4 additional operating keys on a removable operating unit. A large illuminated LCD and 3-LED display for operating, warning and error messages, visible from all sides, provides extra operating convenience. A timer integrated as standard controls time-dependent metering processes. Suitable spare parts are shown on the display.

New: Can be flexibly networked
The options available for wireless use enable remote operation, configuration and backup. Connection to process control systems via integrated PROFIBUS®, CANopen interface. Operating statuses are transferred remotely with ease via an additional output / relay module.

Removable operating unit (HMI) for maximum operating convenience
The mobile operating unit offers additional operating convenience in field applications, ensuring that the pump can be quickly and easily adapted to any specific application.

Metering profiles for optimum metering results
Adjustable metering profiles ensure optimum metering results.
A timer integrated as standard controls time-dependent metering processes. Suitable spare parts can be shown on the display.

Integrated log book
An integrated log book saves up to 300 events and simplifies troubleshooting and analysis of the cause, making much lighter work of process management, optimisation and error analysis.

Sample applications

  • Chemical metering up to 1,000 l/h
  • Potable water treatment: Metering of disinfectants
  • Cooling circuits: Metering of disinfectants
  • Waste water treatment: Metering of flocculants
  • Paper industry: Metering of additives
  • Plastics production: Metering of additives
  • Textiles industry: Metering of dyeing additives
  • dosing

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