Peristaltic Pumps DULCO®flex by ProMinent

Robust Design and Gentle Metering from 0.4 – 15,000 l/h

Key features of ProMinent peristaltic pumps are their simple operating principle and compact, robust design.

With a large pump capacity of 0.4 - 15,000 l/h and a wide range of different hose materials, these pumps are perfect for the unproblematic application in laboratories and in industry. The peristaltic pumps are self-priming and operate without seals and valves.

Peristaltic pumps have the advantage of gentle pumping and dry priming. They are capable of pumping paste-like media and media containing solids as well as viscose, abrasive, corrosive or gaseous media.
Due to the low-impact nature of their design, they can even pump products sensitive to shearing without problem.

DULCO®flex Control DFXa

  • A peristaltic pump that combines the best features of the ProMinent dosing pumps
  • Setting of the dosing capacity directly in l/h or in gph
  • Simple hose change
  • No problems with strongly outgassing media or air inclusions
  • Suitable for viscosities up to 10.000 mPas
  • Exclusive media contact in the hose
  • Diverse control options e.g. via analogue 0/4-20 mA signal, contact control, timer or via process control systems

DULCO®flex Control - DFYa

  • Operation via contact, batch, manual, analogue or BUS control
  • Setting of the dosing capacity directly in l/h or in gph
  • Connection to process control systems via BUS interface such as PROFIBUS®, Profinet or CAN bus
  • No problems with strongly outgassing media or air inclusions
  • Simple and menu-guided hose change
  • Reversible direction of rotation

DULCO®flex DF2Aa

  • Functional and cost-effective solution for the low-noise metering of chemicals
  • Metering of conditioners, belt lubricants and cleaning agents
  • Capacity range 0.4 - 2.4 l/h, at 1.5 bar back pressure

DULCO®flex DF4a

  • For flocculant metering
  • Reproducible metering capacity 1.5, 6.0 or 12.0 l/h



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