"Intelligent Metering" of Liquid Chemicals

Optimum Metering Using ProMinent Measuring and Control Technology

Measuring and Control Instruments from ProMinent Are Adapted to the Relevant Applications:

Gradual performance increments offer the right technology for every metering application.

Precision in Detail

Measuring and control technology needs to deliver high performance. That includes precise sensor systems. In this way, liquid media can be metered with absolute precision. ProMinent experts are passionate about industrial process engineering. They use a combination of continuous research and their full expertise to develop pioneering innovations. If we set new standards in quality and reliability along the way, then so much the better.

Strong Together

When all the components work together, everything runs smoothly. The metering pump, controller and sensor are designed to work optimally together, forming an integral control circuit for fault-free operation with maximum safety. This increases the quality of your products, saves energy and conserves resources.

The Benefits for You

  • Simple and clear operator navigation
  • Enhanced process reliability
  • More efficient process management (e. g., improved product quality)
  • Lower costs for feed chemicals
  • Lower costs for the disposal of excess feed chemicals
  • Real-time transparency of measured data

Product Range Measuring and Control Technology

  • Controllers
  • Measuring and test systems
  • Transmitters
  • Panel-mounted measuring and control systems
  • Sensors
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